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Song Samples

Please feel free to try out and listen to a few samples (6 of 11) from either one of Paul's Compact Discs (CDs), Singing Learning and Laughing and Happy Feet, Happy Hands. Samples of Paul's latest release, "Catch A Tune" are now available.
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Singing & Learning CD
Winner Of The
"Parents Choice Award 2000"
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Singing, Learning and Laughing
Compact Disc (CD)

Track 1 - Just My Dad and Me

Track 3 - These are the Vowels

Track 4 - The Greatest Prehistoric Band

Track 7 - Opposites

Track 9 - The Days of the Week

Track 11 - A Friend to the Earth

Happy Hands, Happy Feet CD
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Happy Hands, Happy Feet
Compact Disc (CD)

Track 1 - Happy Hands, Happy Feet

Track 2 - God Gives Us Special Things

Track 3 - It Was Jesus

Track 5 - Mom's Are Wonderful

Track 7 - Take It To The Lord

Track 8 - Fussy Time

Catch A Tune CD
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Catch A Tune
Compact Disc (CD)

Track 1 - What A Wonderful Day

Track 3 - Driving Grandpa's Tractor

Track 4 - When A Bully Bothers Me & You

Track 6 - The Alphabet Animals

Track 8 - On A Safari

Track 15 - Not Gonna Be Afraid When I Go To Bed

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